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[This newcomer is dangerous.

It's in the cold glare she gives the video feed when it turns on - she may have only one eye, but it's cold enough. It's in the way that otherwise full lips are pressed into a thin, disapproving line - this is her natural expression, isn't it. She doesn't have much color to her, but it's obvious she doesn't sleep much, bags under the eyes or no.

She doesn't need sleep. Not when there are things that need to get done. And right now she's glaring angrily at the feed.

Maybe you'll recognize her. Maybe not. She doesn't care what you think - she doesn't care about you at all.]

... Hmm. I suppose this thing is working now...fascinating that technology has gotten to this point, but also proof that I am not home.

Explanations are in order, if this...mess can be explained. Returning home would be optimal - I do not appreciate delays.


Jul. 20th, 2014 08:18 am
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When the feed switches on, it shows Desco wearing a party hat, her tail wagging fiercely behind her.

"Hello, Desco's adorable subjects! Today, Desco turns five! Therefore, you are required to come give her tribute! There will be cake for all successful tributeers!"

She pauses slightly.

"Oh! Also, Desco now lives at the Shinonome residence, since the rest of her family has disappeared. So come there, got it?"
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[ The feed opens to show Flynn in a neatly furnished room. Its walls are decorated in various shades of black. ]

To all Visitors. I have important news.

Yesterday night, an unidentified object landed in the Pluto Zone. After some investigation and scanning by the MAGI departments, we have confirmed that it is some form of demon data. But a special form of demon data - angels.

[ He sits up straighter in his chair. ]

However. These are no ordinary angels. They are the four Archangels, right-wing men of God himself. And they are here to burn our city to the ground. I know this, because I have faced them before. And now, they have come to this world, out to hunt down anyone who opposes them.

[ There is a click and the feed cuts to the image of what seems to be a tree growing out on the desolate plain. It is a giant tree with white bark and golden leaves. Four large fruits seem to be hanging from its branches - though they are huge, almost too huge to be fruits. ]

After I defeated them in my home realm, they are slowly reforming. Thus the cocoons. They are not at their full power yet - if we strike now, we have much better odds of banishing them from here.

[ Click. ] Uriel. [ Click. ] Raphael. [ Click. ] Gabriel. [ Click. ] Michael. These are the four who have made it their mission to raze Hinoto-Ri to the ground.

I will be heading out tomorrow to eliminate this threat. But I cannot do it completely alone. So. I ask of everyone within this city. To us, who are given the power of Personas. Lend me your strength. We will protect our city together.

[ He closes his eyes briefly, suddenly seeming a little drained.

The video cuts to Takakage seated in a chair, in a different room. ]

Good evening, Hinoto-Ri. I will be working with Master Flynn in this mission. While it is not a governmental task, it is something that is entrusted to us Visitors to handle. While we cannot be with you all in the actual battle, the MAGI will be helping us with technical support and monitoring.

Currently, the four Archangels are still hibernating. With the correct equipment, their cocoons can be broken, forcing them to evict and do battle with us. They are in a weakened state, yes, but still very powerful. However, working together in teams will make the process much easier.

If you are willing to join us in this undertaking, please leave a message on this video. Likewise with questions.

Thank you.

[ He bows to the viewer, and the feed cuts to black. ]


Jul. 4th, 2014 09:10 pm
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[Taro is in the central park in Capricorn which is pretty obvious from his surroundings. He's grinning and waving a tiny American flag.]

So for those of you who don't know because you're from other countries or worlds where my country doesn't exist, the fourth of July is Independence Day in America. I'm not usually one for nationalism - hell, I immigrated to America from Japan - but I still like the traditions. And it's an excuse for good food.

I've got some burgers to cook and some potato chips -

[He holds the chips up to the camera since he knows other places call them different things.]

- and some soda. I also found some fireworks to set off later in the night. ... And yeah I found a fire extinguisher in case something goes wrong.

Anyone who wants to show up can, I've got plenty of everything.

I'll see you soon!

[He shuts off the video, going back to working on his food.]
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[Nothing about this situation could be considered normal, of course, but for a 16th century samurai? Some of the most basic technology in the city is a strange and unfamiliar hurdle to overcome, so the high-tech communication devices Mitsuhide was given have proven to be a big challenge for him. That, along with rest and healing, is why it's taken him quite some time to make his first post on the network.]

[Mitsuhide sounds tired and, perhaps, a little lost. That's not really down to the technological barriers, however.]

I am a newcomer here; my name is Akechi Mitsuhide, and to the power that healed Lord Motochika's mortal wound? You have my dearest thanks. I gladly dedicate myself to protecting this place in return for that blessing.

To Kobayakawa Takakage, son of Mouri Motonari, I also offer thanks. Perhaps you have not awoken yet, but I pray that you have.

[There is long pause before Mitsuhide sighs, deep and and troubled.]

Forgive me if I do not do this right. The technology of this place is of a kind I have never seen before, and it is taking a while to get used to it. Even your cooking implements are very strange to me; I fear it will be quite some time before I am truly useful in the battles you face here.


Jun. 24th, 2014 06:50 pm
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[The COMP video flicks on, revealing Naoya sitting in a chair, looking rather pleased with himself.]

Good evening, Hinoto-Ri. This is Naoya, and I'm here to announce a new functionality for your COMPs.

For the past few months, I've been working with the Wands department of the government on a Demon Summoning Application. There were some delays due to... unforeseen circumstances. Some of you may have COMPs that do this already - I'd ask that you bear with me while I explain for those who don't.

Demons, quite simply, can be negotiated with. You can bargain for things, whether it's with flattery, money, or items. But there has been no way for you to summon them to your side in battle, until now.

Now, if you meet a demon you are stronger than, you can form a contract with them. The terms of this contract are up to the two of you, though money tends to be a solid bet. The application on your COMP will allow the demon to be processed into a special kind of data and stored in your COMP. This process is not at all harmful to the demon, before you ask. When needed, you can simply open the app and tap their image, and the process is reversed, summoning them to your side.

... Most demons dislike being summoned for trivial things, though. Just as a warning. The sorts of demons you can contract with will depend on your own ability - they won't listen to someone who's weaker than them.

That's about it. If you have any questions, ask them here or send them to my personal inbox.
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Hey, it's Misfit, I've got a couple things to announce.

First, the Knight Academy is open to any and all who need space. We have cots and room to crash and you are free to stay as long as you like.

Second ... It seems we might be able to get outside the barrier soon. As some of you know I can teleport. I'm pretty good at it. The barrier has been keeping me inside the city, but if I can get outside of it I might be able to bounce somewhere else and get help, or at least get a message out. I don't know what's outside though. Do you guys think this is a good idea?
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Well, unless you've been sleeping under a rock the last day, and truly, I do hope none of you are stuck under one either as it is always a mess to clean up, there's been some trouble the last two days.

As a result, we have been been asked by Kazuki Sakahagi and Kiyoshi Suou...that's the mayor of the city and Commissioner General of the Hinoto-Ri Police Force for those of you don't pay attention, to come to the remains of town hall to discuss a course of action. As Visitors, it would do you well for you to come, considering the fact that this could be very important to the city's survival.

The meeting shall begin at twelve.

Do make it in time?
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My apartment has suffered considerable damage. I'm afraid...  I will need temporary lodging elsewhere.

If anyone would be so kind as to offer help, you will have my eternal gratitude, as well as a high discount on my services.

... Thank you.

[Meanwhile, he should really take what he managed to salvage into the bakery. It wouldn't do for people to notice he's walking around with so many weapons stuffed into a suitcase...]

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H-hey! Can anyone else hear me?!

[The camera pans to his room and it looks to be in shambles.]

My windows shattered while I was still sleeping does anyone know what caused it?!
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[OOC: The Public Network is Down. The Visitor Network is still functional and can be used by Visitors to address each other.]
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Ruri appears with her usual bland expression, though if possible she looks a bit more pale.

"I don't know if anyone else has had nightmares with butterflies and cities burning. Maybe I'm just having some flashbacks to the Jovian wars, but that's never happened before. Though the flowers and butterfly are new. Maybe guilt for not being able to...."

She looks down and lets out a breath, "Also, if anyone wants some cake. I got some for my birthday, but I've had no appetite for it. I've just been thinking too much about Yurika, Akito, even Yamada-san to have much of a sweet tooth."

[ video ]

Jun. 5th, 2014 09:58 pm
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[ The video feed opens to show the inside of an apartment, with a chair directly facing the camera. The interior of the room has been left untouched, and there are no visible decorations save for a single calligraphy scroll hung on one wall. There seems to be no one on-screen.

A few seconds' silence elapses before someone speaks. ]

... Hello? Is this... transmitting properly? [ Pause. ] Ah, it should be.

[ The camera shakes momentarily before settling down again. A young man comes into view from the left of the screen and sits down on the chair.

For those who have met him before, he seems... older, somehow. His features still suggest approximately the same age, but he looks more tired, perhaps even a little unwell. There are dark shadows under his eyes, and his frame shows vague signs of one too many forgotten meals.

His voice still sounds the same, though - calm and composed. ]

I suppose I ought to introduce myself again...? My name is Takakage Kobayakawa, and you may have seen me about during the Thirteenth Hour in the previous week.

From my perspective, eight years have elapsed since my last contact with this city. If I am not mistaken, only a day has passed here - therefore my momentary absence. I apologize if anyone had tried to contact me yesterday, for I was not present and thus could not take your message.

But in any case, I am here again. It has been a long while.

[ He nods, smiling faintly. ]

If there is anything I need to know and have missed, I would appreciate it if you could take the time to update me.

Thank you.

[ The feed cuts here. ]


Jun. 3rd, 2014 11:44 am
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[Oh, would you look at that. It's someone who hasn't been in the city for a short while.]

Hey, whoever's in charge here, I liked going home and everything, but can I have a warning next time? It's way too sudden to just pop!- and you're back home, pop!- and you're in Hinoto-Ri again. I didn't get to make any travel plans at all!

What'd I miss? Who's new? Even if you're not new, if we haven't met yet, we should get to know each other!

[Midori's back in full stride.]


Jun. 2nd, 2014 08:41 pm
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[This video feed is notably smooth and free of shaking, flickering or static corruption. Especially considering that it seems to be the first time this user is putting material on the Network- you haven't seen this girl before. She's seated facing the camera, and when she speaks it's as quiet and slow as you expect considering the blankly vague expression on her face.]

 ......hello. This is user ID....

[She pauses; her eyes flicker away from the camera to check something on her COMP.]

.....2510994. I'm not too sure how essential the serial is for indexation and looking up people..... .... but you can call me Nanami. I guess. Mmm.


I'm new, so pardon if this breaks any rules or conventions, but I'd just like to ask about the situation here? From what I gather, there are demons as well as creatures called Persona, and it all runs very similarly to an MMORPG. Many of you are definitely far more experienced players and I don't want to make too many stupid mistakes at this point, considering there doesn't seem to be a Save and Reload function. 

[Slowly she starts appearing more lively and picking up the pace of her speech. Especially when the game metaphor starts.]

So what strategies would you recommend? Should I focus on finding allies first or levelgrind instead, like at the 13th Hour feature I've been told about- is that too high-level for someone just starting out? Where should and shouldn't I go? Does anyone know what the win condition for this game is?

That last one.... I've been wondering about that quite a bit. It's just weird to start a playthrough not knowing what you're supposed to achieve at the end of it, you know? Though I guess.... this is what it must feel to be a video game character, huh....

[She smiles slightly.]

Mmm. Any constructive responses would be appreciated. That's all I have to say. 

[The video feed cuts. bzzt.]