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[ video, locked to visitor network ]

[ The feed opens to show Flynn in a neatly furnished room. Its walls are decorated in various shades of black. ]

To all Visitors. I have important news.

Yesterday night, an unidentified object landed in the Pluto Zone. After some investigation and scanning by the MAGI departments, we have confirmed that it is some form of demon data. But a special form of demon data - angels.

[ He sits up straighter in his chair. ]

However. These are no ordinary angels. They are the four Archangels, right-wing men of God himself. And they are here to burn our city to the ground. I know this, because I have faced them before. And now, they have come to this world, out to hunt down anyone who opposes them.

[ There is a click and the feed cuts to the image of what seems to be a tree growing out on the desolate plain. It is a giant tree with white bark and golden leaves. Four large fruits seem to be hanging from its branches - though they are huge, almost too huge to be fruits. ]

After I defeated them in my home realm, they are slowly reforming. Thus the cocoons. They are not at their full power yet - if we strike now, we have much better odds of banishing them from here.

[ Click. ] Uriel. [ Click. ] Raphael. [ Click. ] Gabriel. [ Click. ] Michael. These are the four who have made it their mission to raze Hinoto-Ri to the ground.

I will be heading out tomorrow to eliminate this threat. But I cannot do it completely alone. So. I ask of everyone within this city. To us, who are given the power of Personas. Lend me your strength. We will protect our city together.

[ He closes his eyes briefly, suddenly seeming a little drained.

The video cuts to Takakage seated in a chair, in a different room. ]

Good evening, Hinoto-Ri. I will be working with Master Flynn in this mission. While it is not a governmental task, it is something that is entrusted to us Visitors to handle. While we cannot be with you all in the actual battle, the MAGI will be helping us with technical support and monitoring.

Currently, the four Archangels are still hibernating. With the correct equipment, their cocoons can be broken, forcing them to evict and do battle with us. They are in a weakened state, yes, but still very powerful. However, working together in teams will make the process much easier.

If you are willing to join us in this undertaking, please leave a message on this video. Likewise with questions.

Thank you.

[ He bows to the viewer, and the feed cuts to black. ]
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[There's a long, long silence. Maybe the person who turned this on didn't mean to? It stretches to a point where it seems almost uncomfortable.]

[And then he speaks, in very short, clipped tones. It's fairly evident to anyone listening that he's holding back a great deal of anger.]

I see. You have the aid of myself, my personas, and my demons.

The angels of such a hateful God, no matter what world, will fall - by my hand or the hand of another.

[Naoya since when did you get so dramatic? Since now, apparently.]

Name a time and a place and I will be there to destroy them.
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I will be. The four of them are old foes of mine in my world, though I've not engaged them in battle before.
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I am aware of how dangerous they are.

However, some fights are worth the risk.
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[Did someone say threat elimination?]

Oh man. There ain't no goddammn city razing happening as long as I'm around. Let's end those fuckers while they're still in their comfy little cocoons.
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When Agatha turns on the video feed, she. Actually looks pissed. Uh-oh.]

...I am aware that I am not much of a fighter, but I would like to support you if things get dire.

[Her eyes narrow further.] And...I would like to ask them a few things, if you don't mind.
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Count me in. This sounds like my kind of battle.

[A confident teenager grins on the screen, closing his hand into a fist to practice a jab.]
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You can count on me, man.
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Texting back now:

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Got it. Any specific things I should know about?
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Alright. I think I get the picture.