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[The COMP video flicks on, revealing Naoya sitting in a chair, looking rather pleased with himself.]

Good evening, Hinoto-Ri. This is Naoya, and I'm here to announce a new functionality for your COMPs.

For the past few months, I've been working with the Wands department of the government on a Demon Summoning Application. There were some delays due to... unforeseen circumstances. Some of you may have COMPs that do this already - I'd ask that you bear with me while I explain for those who don't.

Demons, quite simply, can be negotiated with. You can bargain for things, whether it's with flattery, money, or items. But there has been no way for you to summon them to your side in battle, until now.

Now, if you meet a demon you are stronger than, you can form a contract with them. The terms of this contract are up to the two of you, though money tends to be a solid bet. The application on your COMP will allow the demon to be processed into a special kind of data and stored in your COMP. This process is not at all harmful to the demon, before you ask. When needed, you can simply open the app and tap their image, and the process is reversed, summoning them to your side.

... Most demons dislike being summoned for trivial things, though. Just as a warning. The sorts of demons you can contract with will depend on your own ability - they won't listen to someone who's weaker than them.

That's about it. If you have any questions, ask them here or send them to my personal inbox.
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dude. that is fucking radical. like this place wasnt straight outta an rpg already. now we can have evil pokemon to go with our personas.

is there like. a limit to how many demons the comp can store? can i just catch m all?
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i was hoping for six. at the least. better get to work on that expansion pack man.
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rules are there to be broken you know. true facts.

but sure. i guess ill settle for two. just gotta make sure i pick the raddest demon bros in the bunch. ..... or bras.

do demons have genders? idk. seems like a good thing to know beforehand.
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ok ok. gotcha.

asking will be a thing. except. in a way that wont have them rip my arms clean off. because im guessing ive gotta show these things some respect and shit.
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... I hope you understand that it is not the demons' safety I am most concerned with in regards to this process.
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Hmm. Very well.

[...] This may go entirely over my head, but... I have to ask. How exactly does one go about "coding" such a thing? Storing living beings as data... It seems awfully bizarre.
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[Yup, over his head.]

... Mishaps?
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I can't help but wonder about these "surprises".
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Figured out how to get it to work here too, huh?
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Then... have you been working on that for as long as you've been here?
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The usual government red tape, huh?

Sooo... If we do decide to use it, are there any kinds of risks we should expect?
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So no worries about having to barter away your soul or anything like that?
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I just happen to be fond of my soul the way it is.

...Corruption isn't an issue either, is it?
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Great! I just figured it'd be good to check, y'know?
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Me? I wouldn't dream of it!
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...No chance of accessing the Auction or the Cathedral of Shadows, I guess?
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I'd be impressed if you can connect to the Auction, even... That would mean we have some sort of connection to other worlds, doesn't it?

The people who were buying before, even back home... They were from other dimensions, too.
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World hopping with that crazy thing seems a little different than being able to communicate with another world whenever we want, somehow...
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Um, question. Aren't demons the bad guys here?
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[ video ]

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... I was under the impression that demons were hostile to humans.

[ A pause. ]

Would this programme be... safe?
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I see...

[ He looks away for a moment, then smiles more noticeably. ]

Thank you for your hard work, Naoya.
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txt; anon

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this explains the disappearing act.
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[She would make a comparison to her scientist mother, but somehow she doubts it'd be appreciated.]

it would seem so. something like that does not seem like it can be coded in only a few days.

[Seriously, wow, this. She's better at chemistry but even she can recognize that this took mad skills.]